Hi Everyone! 

If you’re interested in buying any Division 26 Spirit Items, and would like to pick them up at DCON. Please Facebook, text, or e-mail me! I will be going down to Anaheim on Friday afternoon and will be more than happy to sell you D26 spirit items! - we want to sell as much stuff as possible this weekend! - 

Shirts - $10 (S, M, L) 

Devil Key Chains - $3

Devil iPod/iPhone Case - $10 (Red or Black!)

*We might have some pins left over after our division purchases them while on the ride down - leftovers will be sold for $1 per pin!*

- Victoria, D26 Exec. Secretary



Email: vkay1293@gmail.com 

You can also find me at the Service Expo at the D26 booth!

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